"You sound like one of those sniveling metal men. Pah! This isn't the premiere course for majicking, fool! Just give me something off your body."\n\n[[You decide to just give them what they ask for, even if you don't quite understand.|A2]]
<<if $meeting is "bottles">>You reach behind you to try and get an idea of what the witch has. A lot of the bottles are heavy- you suspect they're filled to the brim. You pick one up and shake it. It's about the size of the palm of your hand. The bottle's got liquidy nonsense in there alright.\n\n[[You could take the bottle, probably.|bottle]]<<if visited('bottle')>> <b>You've got the bottle.</b><<endif>>\n\nThe cabinet doors rattle as you hear the witch [[returning|A6]], still talking to their guest.\n<<else if $meeting is "nah">>You can make out some of what the witch and the intruder is saying.\n\n"They..... Here.... Do Not Lie..... The Sun.... Scorched..."\n\n"No no no no no......... prophecies.... bah.... I spit on..... Sun of the...."\n\n"..... Verified..... Mites..... Solution?"\n\n"... course, of...."\n\nThe cabinet doors rattle as you hear the witch [[returning|A6]], still talking to their guest.\n<<else if $meeting is "hoh">>You press your ear to the cabinet door, trying to catch wind of the conversation.\n\n"They Are Here. I Tracked Them. Do Not Lie. I Will Detain The Sun Who Scorched The Land."\n\n"No no no no no, you misunderstand good sir! Prophecies are of no use to me, a simple witch. Bah! Pitooie! I spit on the corpse of the Sun of the Prophecy."\n\nStraining to hear more, you press against the doors. They are unabled to hold your interested weight, and you fall through them onto the [[floor|end]].<<endif>>
<<if $essence is "gross">>You are forced back out into the ashy atmosphere. The smell of sulphur cradles your lungs and you feel sick. In the darkness of the night you can see a beam of pale yellow light. It aims directly into your face.\n\n"Hello, Traveler. There Is No Mercy This Time."\n<<else if $meeting is "hoh">>Dazed from the fall, you look up at the witch and the intruder. The intruder is metallic, reflecting the soft lighting emitted from what you assume is their face: a panel of pure light.\n\n"You Spit On The Corpse Of The Sun," they demand.\n\nThe witch looks at you: one face seems sympathetic to you. The other seems contempt at your impatience. They reach into the cauldron for their huge ladle, dripping in the blue gloop.\n\n"I'm sorry, Traveler."\n<<else if $bottle is "hy">> You hand the witch the bottle labeled "Highdration". They do not examine the bottle, clutching it to their chest and slamming the cabinet doors behind them. They do not latch, and creak open slightly. You can hear the witch clearly.\n\n"Here you are, kind sir, the solution to those pesky mites. One sip and poof! Gone like the sins." \n\n"Thank You, Witch." You hear something that sounds like liquid being poured into an empty pail. It's followed by the witch's mouths gasping and a disconcerting screech.\n\nCuriosity gets the best of you, and you open the doors. The witch stands before a rusted pile of metal, with a blinkng yellow light as the only surviving piece. The witch turns to you fearfully, taking their hat and wringing it in their hands.\n\n"You have to leave, Traveler. The other metal men will be alerted to their loss soon. They will come for me, and for you. My Sun, you must go."\n\nYou ask when they can meet with you again- you cannot go on without the potion.\n\n".....You're going to have to find a different way home; neither of us will be of this hearth much longer."<<endif>>\s\n\n\n[[The End.|end][$end = "true"]]\n\n<<if $end is "true">>Made for the [[<5 Minutes of Play Game Jam.|http://jams.gamejolt.io/5minjam]]<<endif>>
<<if $bottle is "stolen">>You reach into your pocket and hand the witch your bottle. They look at you suspiciously but take it nonetheless.\n\n"Mighty protector, I've found your solution," the witch says, shutting the cabinet doors. The doors do not latch, and a crack lets you hear what the two have to say.\n\n"Try this for that pesky pest problem," the witch says kindly. \n\n"Acceptable. Thank You, Witch." You hear what sounds like liquid hitting the bottom of an empty metal pail.\n\n"....Well?" the witch asks in curiosity.\n\n"Scanning.... 80 Percent Decrease in Mite Population. Manageable Levels. I Will Take My Leave." You hear heavy footsteps go to the door, but stop.\n\n"One More Thing: If You Do Find The Sun, Report Them Immediately."\n\n"Yes, of course, of course!" The door slams [[shut|A8][$bottle = "empty"]].\n\n<<else if $bottle is "wt">>You grab the bottle of Wares and Tears, and hand it to the witch. They grab it unthankfully, folding it close to their chest. The cabinet doors are slammed shut but do not latch. A small crack allows you to hear what the two say.\n\n"Try this for that pesky pest problem," the witch says kindly. \n\n"Acceptable. Thank You, Witch." You hear what sounds like liquid hitting the bottom of an empty metal pail.\n\n"....Well?" the witch asks in curiosity.\n\n"Scanning.... 100 Percent Decrease in Mite Population. Infestation Eradicated. I Will Take My Leave." You hear heavy footsteps go to the door, but stop.\n\n"One More Thing: The Post Will Send More Guards Here Shortly, In Appreciation Of Your Service. You Will Be Protected."\n\n"Yes, thank you, thank you!" The door slams [[shut|A8]].<<endif>>
<<if $meeting is "bottles" or "meeting">>The witch opens up the cabinet doors a crack, letting in a strange light that wasn't in her home before. \n\n"Give me a moment to rummage through my storage! I can cure that infestation problem of yours... for free, for your services to the land, of course." One face pleasantly says to the intruder. \n\n"<i>Hurry and give me a bottle</i>!" the other face hisses to you. Their arm reaches into the cabinet, held outward.\n\nYou turn around and quickly scan the bottles. You can read a select few of the labels with the strange light penetrating the darkness. It's probably best to grab one of these.\n\n[[Give the witch the bottle labeled 'Highdration'|end][$bottle = "hy"]]\n[[Give the witch the bottle labeled 'Wares and Tears'|A7][$bottle = "wt"]]\n<<if visited('bottle')>>[[Give the witch the bottle in your pocket|A7][$bottle = "stolen"]]<<endif>><<endif>>
"C'mon, out, out, out!" The witch says to you in a hushed tone. You step out of the cabinet tentatively. The witch is peering out a crack of the front door, watching the intruder leave.\n\nThey pull away from the door, biting on their bottom lips as they stride back to the cauldron.\n\n<<if $bottle is "empty">>"I think that metal man will come back soon for a proper cure. We're going to have to finish this quickly if there's any hope for you."<<else if $bottle is "wt">>"That metal man will bring more of his disgusting metal friends along soon. We're going to have to wrap this up quickly if there's any chance for you getting out of here."<<endif>>\s\n\n\nThe witch stirs the cauldron with the large ladle, muttering something under their breath. The two of you watch as the bubbling blue gloop turns into a warm amber.\n\n"Alright, Traveler... My Sun... the final step. You're going to have to dunk your head into the potion and divine what you see."\n\nYou ask if the boiling potion would harm you. The witch cackles heartily, and you can't help but crack a smile.\n\n"The end of times and you've mind to tell jokes, I've always liked that about you. Come now, there's [[no time to waste|A9]]."\n\n
The attractive witch in front of you stirs their cauldron, the wide brim of their hat obscuring their second face. This isn't the first time you've been in their home asking for help.\n\n<<if $price is "whatever">>"Whatever it takes, hmm? You're one of <i>those</i> travelers then. I pegged you as different. Too, the victor goes to spoils."<<else if $price is "affordable">>"What's affordable, hmm? You think you can spare some change... Ah, but I guess the means justify the endings, don't they?"<<else if $price is "cannot">>You can't pay? What sort of witch do you take me for? There's always something... Time is moaning, you know."<<else if $price is "wont">> "Bah, what do you know? Nothing in strife is free. Why else would you come to a witch?"<<endif>>\s\n\n<<if $price is "bargain">><i>"Baaaaargains</i>, hmm? No. Not after the last time you came in, you rude-faced adventurer. I'll ask you [[again|Start]] for an answer. You should be glad I am so generous."\n<<else>>"Hmm, knowing you, that's your final answer. You better take your plums, adventurer, if you didn't choose rightly. I remember the last time you didn't pay me mind." \n\nThe witch tilts their hat to the side, so the second face peers out at you. The cauldron bubbles and a strange odor you can't place assaults your nostrils.\n\n"I suppose you're [[ready|A2]] then, hmmm?"<<endif>>
"At what price?" \n\n[[Whatever it takes.|A1][$price = "whatever"]]\n[[What's affordable.|A1][$price = "affordable"]]\n[[I cannot pay the price.|A1][$price = "cannot"]]\n[[I will not pay the price.|A1][$price = "wont"]]\n<<if visited("A1")>>You cannot bargain with the witch.<<else>>[[Bargain, there must be another way.|A1][$price ="bargain"]]<<endif>>
You give the witch <<if $essence is "gross">>some of your spit, in a really disgusting fashion.\n\nThe witch recoils, their hat tipping back o you can see both of their faces twisting in disgust.\n\n"I tolerate many an evil in my house, but this is the highest of offenses. Get out, out!" They swat at you with the ladle, and you are forced to [[leave|end]].<<else if $essence is "hair">>a strand of your hair, plucked from your head.\n\n[[The witch inspects the offering.|A3][$a32 = "go"]] \n<<else if $essence is "nail">>a fingernail, chewing it off from the end of your thumb.\n\n[[The witch inspects the offering.|A3][$a32 = "go"]] \n<<else if $essence is "blud">>a drop of your blood from a wound that hadn't quite healed up lately. \n\n[[The witch inspects the offering.|A3][$a32 = "go"]] <<endif>>\s\n\n\n<<if $a32 is "go">>The witch lifts the brim of their hat so all eight eyes can peer at it. One nose crinkles in interest.\n\n"Ah... <<if $essence is "hair">>hair... how traditional. Boring, but it will work."<<else if $essence is "nail">>a fingernail... acceptable, I suppose."<<else if $essence is "blud">>blood... what a volatile ingrdient."<<endif>> They take your offering, dunking it into the cauldron and stirring it with the ladle.\n\n"And now-"<font size="14">[[KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK|A4]]</font><<endif>>
You start to speak but the witch cuts you off.\n\n"You're lucky I foresaw your need for me. All we need is your final contributions. Though, before we begin, you must know: if this spell is perfected, your <i>big problem</i> will be solved. <<if $price is "whatever">>You may lose everything, but the magic will certainly take care of everything.<<else if $price is "affordable">>You may have little left, but the magic will take care of the big details.<<else if $price is "cannot">>I cannot promise the magic will work immediately... but it will certainly do something <i>when</i> you make the appropriate payment.<<else if $price is "wont">>If you keep that stingy attitude of yours, there's no predictability to the magic. Don't say I didn't warn you."<<endif>>\s\n\nThe witch withdraws their monstrous ladle from the cauldron, letting the bubbling blue gloop dribble out.\n\n"Now," they say, scraping the excess off the ladle, "we need some.... product of your essence. Give it to me."\n\n<<if visited ('what')>>You know what you have to do.<<else>> [[Ask what that means|what]].<<endif>>\s\n\n[[Give them a strand of hair.|A3][$essence = "hair"]]\n[[Give them a fingernail.|A3][$essence = "nail"]]\n[[Give them a drop of blood|A3][$essence = "blud"]]\n[[Hock a loogey for them|A3][$essence = "gross"]]\n
You can't see a thing in here. You've got room to turn around and take a small side-step from any direction, but that's it. Fumbling behind you, you can feel [[bottles of some sort|A5][$bottles = "fondled"]].\n\n<<if $bottles is "fondled">>This must be some witchy stuff. You'd like to ponder more on it but you can hear the witch talking. Unfortunately without effort, you can only make out some words.\n\n[[Ponder on bottled content.|A5b][$meeting = "bottles"]]\n[[Press ear to doors to try and hear.|A5b][$meeting = "hoh"]]\n[[Stay perfectly still.|A5b][$meeting = "nah"]]\n<<endif>>
The witch tenses up, looking at you suspiciously with one face. The other face is set on the door behind you, eyes narrowed in contemptment.\n\n"You didn't tell anyone you were coming here, did you?"\n\n[[Yes|A4][$reveal = "yes"]]\n[[No|A4][$reveal = "no"]]\n\n<<if $reveal is "yes">>The witch's mouths become tight-lipped.\n\n"Traveler, you <i>knew</i> you had to leave without notice otherwise suspicion would fall upo-"\n\n<font size="14">BANG BANG BANG</font> \n\nThe door rattled with each hit as though it was threatening to break off the hinges.\n\n"You!" The witch hustles to you and grabs you by the shoulders. You are mercilessly shoved into a large cabinet, and [[shut inside|A5]].\n<<else if $reveal is "no">>The witch lets out a dissatisfactory hiss from both mouths.\n\n"You must have been followed. It doesn't surpise me they sent one of their nasties out looking for you, Travel-"\n\n<font size="14">WHAM WHAM WHAM</font> \n\nThe door whines under the merciless beating of the outsider, seeming as though it might break in half.\n\n"You!" The witch hustles to you and grabs you by the shoulders. You are mercilessly shoved into a large cabinet, and [[shut inside|A5]].<<endif>>
You put the bottle into your favourite pocket. It's probably a bad idea to take from the witch, but considering how much flack they've given you over the years, they probably expect it.\n\n[[Thank god they're your friend.|A5b]]
Brutal Tendency
You hold your breath and plunge your head into the golden potion. The heat isn't unpleasant, giving you a tickling sensation along your neck.\n\nYour eyes are only cracked open slightly, but you see the amber swirls of the potion form something. It reminds you of...\n\n[[smoke...|A9][$divine2 = "smoke"]] <<if $divine2 is "smoke">>(You hadn't known.)\n\n[[flames...|A9][$divine = "flames"]] <<if $divine is "flames">>(You were born into this.)\n\n[[coals...|A9][$divine3 = "coals"]] <<if $divine3 is "coals">> (<<if $price is "whatever">>You took complete control of your destiny.<<else if $price is "affordable">>You used your destiny for your own ends, no more.<<else if $price is "cannot">>You tried running from your destiny.<<else if $price is "wont">>You tried giving your destiny away.<<endif>>)\n\n[[The world is burning.|A10]]<<endif>><<endif>><<endif>>\n\n\n\n
Mars B.
<<if $gbye is "ty">>The witch's faces become flush with a vibrant green.\n\n"You... are a trouble-taker. But you were a good customer. I won't forget you, even when the skies clear." The witch begins to busy themself with their cauldron, and you know they have nothing more to say.\n\n[[You take your leave|end2]].<<else if $gbye is "ask">>The witch shakes their head, putting up their hands as though in protest.\n\n"That's not the price you pay to me. That's the price you pay for your fulfillment. If anything, you pay me by keeping me alive." The witch begins to busy themself with their cauldron, and you know they have nothing more to say.\n\n[[You take your leave|end2]].<<else if $gbye is "nsync">> The witch looks like they have something more to say to you. However they clam up, busying themself with the cauldron. You wonder if you'll ever see them again.\n\n[[You take your leave|end2]].<<endif>>
You leave the witch's house, stepping out into the ashy air. Sulphur hits you hard- you forgot this was how things were now. <<if $final is "no">>You don't know where you are supposed to go. The metal men are still looking for you. Their pale glowing faces dot the horizon, far from you.<<else if $final is "yes">>In the darkness its hard to tell where you're supposed to be headed. You scan the horizon; the pale glowing faces of the metal men shine in the distance.<<endif>>\s\n\n\nYou know your destiny, in one way or another, will bring you [[right to them|end2][$end2 = "hi"]].\n\n<<if $end2 is "hi">>You know that your destiny lies where your enemy does. <<if $price is "whatever">>You are prepared to pay the full price and do what you must.<<else if $price is "affordable">>You are prepared to pay what you can, even if it might be all you have left.<<else if $price is "cannot">>You turn your back on the metal men; even if you have to run forever, it's better than what may come.<<else if $price is "wont">>The price is too great for you to pay. If the sky would stay dark forever, that's what it will be.<<endif>>\s\n\nYou make your way into the darkness, leaving the witch's house behind you.\n\n[[The End.|end2][$end = "true"]]\n\n<<if $end is "true">>Made for the [[<5 Minutes of Play Game Jam.|http://jams.gamejolt.io/5minjam]]<<endif>><<endif>>
You bring you head up out of the amber potion, gasping for air. The witch looks at you expectantly, holding the ladle in their hands.\n\nYou tell them what you saw.\n\n"Do you understand then? What you have to do?" All eight eyes bore holes into your soul waiting for your answer.\n\n[[Yes.|A10][$final = "yes"]]\n[[No.|A10][$final = "no"]]\n<<if $final is "no">>The witch heaves a sigh. They pick up their ladle and pull a bottle out from their witch hat. Pouring some of the amber potion inside, they cork it and hand it to you.\n\n"You will need this, when you try again. There's nothing more I can do for you."\n\n[[Thank them.|A11][$gbye = "ty"]]\n[[Ask about the price.|A11][$gbye = "ask"]]\n[[Leave.|A11][$gbye = "nsync"]]\n<<else if $final is "yes">>The witch breathes a sigh of relief. They take their hat off their head, wringing it in their hands.\n\n"There's nothing else I can do for you. Bah, there's no time for sentiments! You've got to go and complete your path... whatever that may be."\n\n[[Thank them.|A11][$gbye = "ty"]]\n[[Ask about the price.|A11][$gbye = "ask"]]\n[[Leave.|A11][$gbye = "nsync"]]<<endif>>